Pandemic Influenza Outbreak Research Modelling

Pan-InfORM - NCCID - ICID Workshop

Public Health Challenges for Modelling and Infectious Diseases

From “Communities of Practice” to “Communities of Health”

On October 3-4, 2016, Pan-InfORM will hold its fifth bi-annual meeting in Toronto, York University, co-hosted by the National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases and the International Centre for Infectious Diseases.

Mathematical modelling studies have been invaluable for public health, but their application to policy and planning has not been fully realized.  The 2016 Pan-InfORM workshop will challenge participants to look to the future and set a course for researchers and public health personnel to tackle together.

Building on the success of the 2014 workshop and the growing community of practice, mod4PH (Modelling for Public Health), this event aims to set an applied research and evidence agenda for the following Grand Challenges: 

  • TB, influenza and other respiratory illnesses 
  • The persistent problem of syphilis 
  • Climate change and vector-borne diseases 
  • Immunization programs: vaccine hesitancy and optimal booster schedules

The workshop objectives are to:

  • Share the results of recent work by the mod4PH community of practice, including a new glossary of terms for improving how modelling results can be used in public health policy and practice 
  • Consider the questions and methods needed to address four key areas for modelling and public health – our Grand Challenges
  • Develop plans and approaches for the Grand Challenges that bring together public health and modelling communities in Canada, build capacity, and enhance knowledge translation

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